How to annoy your teacher

Whenever your teacher finishes a sentence ask “is that so?”

After each of your teacher’s responses to your questions keep asking “why?”

Whisper an answer during an exam, blame your imaginary friend for it.

Argue with your teacher about the low grade you got for the world war 1 essay, explain you were there and you know better. Involve ninjas in your version.

Write everything in red ink.

Call them “aunt/uncle”

Every time your teacher explains something say “duh, obviously”

If you cannot solve a problem draw a car onto the question, explain you can’t possibly solve it due to heavy traffic.

Show up an hour late every day, explain how you do not believe in daylight savings time and they should respect your freedom.

Point out every grammar mistake they make.

Ask your chemistry teacher how to cook meth and cocaine every class.

Argue with your geography teacher about the earth being flat, when your argument is overturned explain how the moon is definitely flat, and so on.

Yell “OMG LOOK AT THAT” and point to the window, when everybody is looking act normal and pretend it never happened.

Beg them to be excused from their class until they accept. then simply show up like nothing happened.

Explain your absence from class with an elaborate story which would take the entire class to tell.

Refuse to answer any question “for religious reasons”.

When the teacher asks the class if they understood say you did not really get it and ask them to start over from 3 months ago.

Yawn and stretch every 3 minutes, complain when asked that you are so tired due to that long homework you had to do.

Give them a big hug after class , then run out crying.

Look out the window during class, yell out a different kind of natural disaster every day like “tornado!” “landslide!” “earthquake!”

Whenever they enter the classroom wait for them by the door and ask for their diploma and paperwork, explain that you just want to make sure they are “qualified to teach” due to last years incident where 200 people died. Refuse to explain anything else.

Offer to help them grade your tests, when they refuse act offended and complain about them not trusting you.

Shout “happy birthday teacher!” randomly during the semester.

Wait for them at the front of the class, when they enter tell them to sit down so you can begin your class.

Ask them why they are so late all the time even when they are early.

If you get a bad grade challenge them to a duel to settle the score.

When you are late and they already started class run inside breathing heavily and shout “That’s the man/woman you want officers!!”

Answer every question in old or dead languages.

When a teacher walks by you in the hall way hug the wall and cling to it terrified till they pass by.

Tell them you need a little help with your homework, ask them to solve everything for you one question at a time.

Pretend you are whispering something to your classmate when they walk by, look at them and giggle until they pass.

After class walk up to them, look them in the eyes and whisper “I know what you did…”. Walk away disgusted.

Add “and the dragons killed my puppy” to every answer you give.

Ask the teacher to repeat what they just said, then ask again and again. Tell them to speak louder until they shout. When they do so complain about their bad teaching methods.

Fall to the floor randomly during class, explain how all that new information is making your head too heavy.

Eat an apple during class, start yelling and screaming like a mad man, blame the apple.

Point to the clock every time your teacher looks at the class, act disappointed.

In the middle of the lecture get up, walk to the door and before you enter look  disappointed, say “And to think i actually believed in you…” and walk out.

Shake your fist at them randomly. Pretend like nothing happened.

Answer every question with “pff this is too easy, why don’t you ask me something worthwhile?”

Show up in your pajamas, tell them you only come here to sleep anyway.

Watch movies during class on your laptop, ask your teacher to be silent when the movie gets interesting.

Ask them if you could please go to the bathroom, never return.

If they ask you a question tell them you can’t answer because you are absent today.

When they say your name look around confused at them, offer to find the person they mentioned.

Bring several knives to class, sharpen them while looking at your teacher and smiling deviously.

Tell them they have an insect in their hair, when they fail to find it tell them it’s probably under the skin by now.

Go to math class and in the middle of the lecture stand up and yell “ What the hell does this have to do with biology!” Walk out furiously.

Refuse to answer questions because everything is relative and nothing is certain.


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2 responses to “How to annoy your teacher”

  1. sarah says :

    I can really use this on my social studys teacher but i might be killed if i do so on my science teacher

  2. Illusive Man says :

    The one about Earth and the Moon being flat made me roll on the floor!

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