Stupid things everyone does – including you!


Walking into a room and not remembering why you went in there.

Having an argument with yourself and ending up getting pissed off by it.

Immediately refuse something out of politeness but then regretting you did so.

When the batteries on the remote control are dead or weak you will press harder on the buttons thinking it helps.

Pressing ctrl alt del repeatedly when the computer freezes although this only manages to make the freeze last even longer, it doesn’t help one bit.

Cursing at inanimate objects if we get hurt by them as if they had feelings. Sometimes even expecting an apology.

When warned that something is hot we touch it to check and obviously get burned. 

Walking into a dollar shop and sometimes while checking out an item still wondering how much it costs.

Looking at a watch and still not knowing what time it is when you take your eyes off of it.

Sometimes when lying or thinking something extremely weird or disturbing  you will get an uneasy feeling and start thinking that the people around you can read your mind.

Start flailing your hands at wasps or bees if they fly by provoking them to attack you as opposed to just leaving them be.

Never putting your leg outside the confines of the bed because something might happen to it out there.

Thinking it’s a different day even though you are corrected constantly, for example all day Thursday thinking it’s Friday.

Smiling and agreeing with someone when you could not hear what they said, hoping it wasn’t a question.

Inability to locate that little smudge on your face when your friend is handing out directions.

Walking up or down the stairs and completely missing one of them.

Taking a nap and waking up when it’s dark having absolutely no idea what day it is.

When watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes up you will overthink anything that happens during it even though your parents might not care at all.

When realizing that you are going the wrong way you will not just turn back but pretend that you have forgotten something or look at your phone etc. They can never know about your lack of spacial orientation skills!

People still sterilize needless for death row.

Touching the wet paint to check if it’s dry even if the warning sign is still there, same goes for cement.

Killing a bug in your room then immediately thinking about that giant bug colony that MUST have be in your room somewhere. They are out for revenge!

Getting a brain freeze or burnt by something you ate but still continue eating it, or at least try to.

Fixing your hair in a window on the street completely forgetting about the people that can clearly see you behind it.

Some of these were exposed by the genius of George Carlin, watch his stand-up for a funny way of looking at ourselves!


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I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.

3 responses to “Stupid things everyone does – including you!”

  1. Lia says :

    Too bad I’ve heard them before from some respectable comediants, such as George Carlin.

  2. tehcip says :

    how about reading the entire thing especially that last bit before pointing fingers neh?:D

  3. Lia says :

    My bad, but I still think you should mention that first in the article 🙂

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