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How to annoy people at the office/at work

Bring the TV remote from home and try to change the channel on people’s computers. When you see no results curse and mutter something about „cheap good for nothing electronics”.

Answer every phone call you get with „Welcome to FM Radio, you are on the air!”.

Pretend like your co-workers screen saver is hypnotizing you,start bowing to the computer chanting „All hail the cyber lord!”.

When people ask you for assistance staple their papers in the middle of the page.

Pick random times during the day to announce that plants are not real.

Take a picture of a fly you just killed and attach it to an email, send it to all your co-workers labeling it „such is the fate of all fools who oppose me!”.

Walk around the office staring suspiciously at co-workers, take a careful look around their offices, occasionally talk into your shirt saying „No sign of the the target yet, they suspect nothing!”.

Paint your face purple and walk around desperately asking your co-workers if they have seen your pills. Search through their desk drawers.

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