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How to annoy people in a public restroom

Stand by the sink and eyeball people who approach, let out an angry growl if they try to wash their hands.

Knock on the stall door and pretend you’re a Jehovas Witness

When a person enters the stall next to you take out a spray can and complain about the smell while spraying continuously.

Mumble on the phone desperately about why the toilet isn’t that good for “destroying the evidence”

Steal all the toilet paper, sell it to people when they are desperate.

Bring a big bag of water, poke a hole in it and let it drip continuously when there’s someone else in the bathroom, also bring meatballs and drop them one by one, act relieved after each one.

Fake an orgasm every 3 minutes.

Practice speech about world domination in the mirror.

Dip your hands and face in ketchup until it looks like blood, start washing when someone comes in, watch them like a psychopath as they enter the stall.

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