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How to annoy your teacher

Whenever your teacher finishes a sentence ask “is that so?”

After each of your teacher’s responses to your questions keep asking “why?”

Whisper an answer during an exam, blame your imaginary friend for it.

Argue with your teacher about the low grade you got for the world war 1 essay, explain you were there and you know better. Involve ninjas in your version.

Write everything in red ink.

Call them “aunt/uncle”

Every time your teacher explains something say “duh, obviously”

If you cannot solve a problem draw a car onto the question, explain you can’t possibly solve it due to heavy traffic.

Show up an hour late every day, explain how you do not believe in daylight savings time and they should respect your freedom.

Point out every grammar mistake they make.

Ask your chemistry teacher how to cook meth and cocaine every class.

Argue with your geography teacher about the earth being flat, when your argument is overturned explain how the moon is definitely flat, and so on.

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