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Those annoying people on facebook

If you can identify yourself with the following 15 examples which i will present below then your posts probably don’t even end up on any wall anyway.

But if you do not wish to fall victim to the blockhammer avoid the following set of behaviors:

1 The marketer

So you have finally landed a job. Good for you congrats!

However i couldn’t care less about those special prices your firm offers, or how much money i save by buying 2 tons of paper, if you want people to know that crap create a marketing page. Or if you prefer losing all your friends and one day when your house is on fire and your phone is gone because the dog was chewing on it, caught fire and ran outside, you won’t be able to get any help with your “help im trapped by fire lol” post on facebook coz everyone blocked you.

2 Vaguebooking

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